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Custom client project website

Daily and instant updates

Sample and concept approval

Multimedia presentation

Password protection

Easy upload and download area for large and small files.

Complete cross-platform compatibility'

Video Conferencing

Computer 3D and 2D Concept Presentations

3D pre-installation walk through

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Special effects and large video installations

Roark’s Studio is a full service studio offering work in: sculpture, paintings and photography. We are a unique marriage team, Roark and his wife Michelle, that between the two can cover almost any one of your needs. Roark handles mainly sculpture, photography, graphic art and anything computer related, while Michelle does mainly hands on painting in oil, watercolor, gouache, encaustic and acrylic.

3D Sculpture- Interior and Exterior

3D wall sculpture

Free standing sculpture

3D murals

Specializing in: large and small vacuum forming, resins, casting and mold making, foundry cast bronze, wood plastic resin and metal fabrication signs

2D Canvas, print, custom, interior-exterior

Wall Coverings


Graphic Art

Original paintings in oil, encaustic, acrylic, watercolor and gouache

Large giclée prints

Canvas, vinyl, fabric, plexi-glass, metal

Site Specific Installations

Caricature development

Completed graphic capability and delivery

Professional installation

Custom sculptured frames

Full art production facilities

Lighting and display

Packaging and Shipping

WHY do we do what we do? Our purpose and goal is to create unique aesthetic environments that inspire  the way people feel about a space. Creativity is unique to the human experience- we are the creatives of this world responsible for what is to come. A culture is as great as its dreams and its dreams are dreamed by artists...

We love coming up with ideas and then figuring out which medium best expresses it. If we don’t know the medium, then we learn it. There are no boundaries.